A Little Bit About Our Company

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Excel Floor Polishing Pty Ltd has over 10 years of experience providing expert flooring solutions to customers across a wide range of industries. We are a highly reputable and dependable company, offering grinding, polishing, buffing and sealing of concrete, marble, terrazzo, granite, insitu, limestone and sandstone surfaces.

Excel Floor Polishing Pty Ltd works on projects in the residential, commercial and industrial sectors. Our projects span such settings as apartments and houses, stores and bars, and warehouses and factory floors. Our expert solutions cover such varied needs as the polishing of home concrete floors, marble polishing and terrazzo restoration in a shopping centre, or polishing of factory concrete floors. Regardless of your specific flooring need, we are confident that we can deliver you exceptional results.

What makes us stand out is our exceptional customer service. We are dedicated to meeting all of our customers’ needs and go above and beyond to make sure that every project is completed to your upmost satisfaction. Our goal is not to meet your expectations, but to exceed them in all areas. We are confident that you will be pleased with our work and our service and look forward to assisting you on your next project.

We are proud to offer free no-obligation professional quotes on all projects and affordable prices to fit your budget, so call us today to get started on your next flooring project.

What we Use

For Wet & Dry Dust Free Floor Polishing

Excel Floor Polishing Pty Ltd uses high end floor polishing products and machinary to insure great and disirable results. We use klindex Machines, Accessories & products which are ideal for the professional working in the flooring industry that regularly works on large projects and can even work comfortably in smaller areas for the optimum results. Our Professional machines delivers superior capabilities to polish marble, granite, terrazzo and concrete. Available to handle all types of flooring, from grinding, polishing to floor preparation.